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Cooked in stone oven

The handmade bread. The re-milled semolina, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil and finally stone cooking.

Pagnotta Puglia image

Pagnotta Puglia

Code: CFS00.028

Weight: 600g

Measure: Ø 21cm

Filone Sicilia image

Filone Sicilia

Code: CFS00.105

Weight: 1000g

Measure: 50x15cm

Filoncino Toscana image

Filoncino Toscana

Code: CFS00.106

Weight: 400g

Measure: 32x11cm

Extra virgin olive oil

Filoncino image


Code: CFS00.031

Weight: 125g

Measure: 19x8cm

Filoncino alla Patata image

Filoncino alla Patata

Code: CFS00.032

Weight: 120g

Measure: 19x8cm

Baguette image


Code: CFS00.051

Weight: 270g

Measure: 50x9cm

Zoccoletto di Grano Duro image

Zoccoletto di Grano Duro

Code: CFS00.057

Weight: 90-100g

Measure: 11x9cm

Stirato di Grano Duro image

Stirato di Grano Duro

Code: CFS00.008

Weight: 90-100g

Measure: 19x8cm

White bread

White wheat bread with durum wheat semolina and coconut oil for a tasty scent and good friability.

Spiga image


Code: CFS00.107

Weight: 100-110g

Measure: 14x9cm

Rosetta image


Code: CFS00.064

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 11cm

Tartaruga image


Code: CFS00.060

Weight: 100g

Measure: 14x9cm


Tasty and delicious bread, developed for a sweet or savory break. characterized by the presence of the fruits of nature.

Pane al Cioccolato image

Pane al Cioccolato

Code: CFS00.066

Weight: 60g

Measure: Ø 9cm

Pane alla Zucca image

Pane alla Zucca

Code: CFS00.019

Weight: 80g

Measure: Ø 9cm

Pane all'Uvetta image

Pane all'Uvetta

Code: CFS00.020

Weight: 60g

Measure: Ø 7cm

Stirato alle Olive image

Stirato alle Olive

Code: CFS00.062

Weight: 130g

Measure: 20x7cm


Small basket tidbits, but ideal also filled for an aperitif. All natural and healthy: oat flakes, barley flour, sesame seeds and soya gritz, red turnip, turmeric, spinach, red rice and rye.

Ai Cereali image

Ai Cereali

Code: CFS00.090

Weight: 35-50g

Measure: Ø 7cm

Special Grains

The sweet and salty taste of kamut and spelt, the healthy fat of the wheat germ and the rye softened by the soy gritz.

Kamut e Farro image

Kamut e Farro

Code: BFS00.006

Weight: 100g

Measure: 14x9cm

Fiore Integrale image

Fiore Integrale

Code: CFS00.053

Weight: 95g

Measure: Ø 11cm

Rigato Tirolese image

Rigato Tirolese

Code: CFS00.036

Weight: 120g

Measure: 14x9cm

Spicy Grains

An alternative to spicy flavor, the smell of toasted cereal, for a tasty sandwich.

Rigato ai Cereali image

Rigato ai Cereali

Code: CSF00.049

Weight: 100g

Measure: 14x9cm

Ape Mais e Curcuma image

Ape Mais e Curcuma

Code: CSF00.083

Weight: 110g

Measure: 14x9cm

Spiga Mais e Curcuma image

Spiga Mais e Curcuma

Code: CSF00.048

Weight: 100g

Measure: 14x9cm

Small Special Grains

The most precios grains and a balanced taste, the ideal snack, stuffed or natural.

Puccino Kamut e Farro image

Puccino Kamut e Farro

Code: CSF00.068

Weight: 110g

Measure: Ø 11cm

Puccino Tirolese image

Puccino Tirolese

Code: CSF00.102

Weight: 110g

Measure: Ø 11cm

Romanina Bread

Water bread, a very light white bread with a delicate taste. Made with 70% water, following the process of the roman shovel pizza. It has large alveolus and a delicate and crisp crust.

Romanina con Olio Evo image

Romanina con Olio Evo

Code: CSF00.069-087

Weight: 110g

Measure: 19x6cm

Romanina con Curcuma image

Romanina con Curcuma

Code: CSF00.101-103

Weight: 110g

Measure: 19x6cm

Romanina Bread

Very light with the addition of whole red rice flour, venere rice and rye, all cereals with many benefits properties, rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, useful for the proper functioning of the organism.

Romanina con Riso Rosso image

Romanina con Riso Rosso

Code: CSF00.055

Weight: 110g

Measure: 19x6cm

Romanina Riso Venere image

Romanina Riso Venere

Code: CFS00.098

Weight: 110g

Measure: 19x6cm

Pre-cut Romanina

For a quicker service, the pre-cut Romanina is also available, packed in convenient space-saving bags of 8 pieces.

Romanina Pretagliata image

Romanina Pretagliata

Code: CSFRE.017-018-019-020-021

Weight: 110g

Measure: 19x6cm

Durum wheat bread for burger

A new bun for burger, NO SUGAR and NO MILK. A strong taste and a beautiful structure even for the most overwhelming fillings. Even in this product line, only COLORS FROM NATURE.

Panburger Classico image

Panburger Classico

Code: CSF00.070

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger con Bietola Rossa image

Panburger con Bietola Rossa

Code: CSF00.072

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger con Curcuma image

Panburger con Curcuma

Code: CSF00.073

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger con Spinaci image

Panburger con Spinaci

Code: CSF00.074

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger con Carbone Vegetale image

Panburger con Carbone Vegetale

Code: CSF00.077

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Durum wheat bread with sesame seeds for Burger.

The same variants in a slightly tastier version with sesame seeds, also known for their many beneficial properties.

Panburger Sesamo Classico image

Panburger Sesamo Classico

Code: CFS00.071

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger Sesamo con Bietola Rossa image

Panburger Sesamo con Bietola Rossa

Code: CFS00.079

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger Sesamo con Curcuma image

Panburger Sesamo con Curcuma

Code: CFS00.080

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger Sesamo con Spinaci image

Panburger Sesamo con Spinaci

Code: CFS00.081

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger Sesamo con Carbone Vegetale image

Panburger Sesamo con Carbone Vegetale

Code: CFS00.078

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm

Panburger Sesamo con Spirulina image

Panburger Sesamo con Spirulina

Code: CFS00.082

Weight: 100g

Measure: Ø 12cm